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Malawi Government Publications

CEPA works with government on advocacy and policies through relevant departments in advocacy and policy. These various government departments have common goals with CEPA and CEPA helps in submitting pressing environmental issues to these agencies. This section includes government literature as well as materials based on government publications.

Full List of Malawi Government Documents Follow:

National Waste Management Strategy

National Waste Management Strategy is a guide effective waste management in the country. The Strategy provides a holistic framework for waste management by guiding actions of regulatory bodies, the public and stakeholders under the following areas: 1) Policy formulation and implementation; 2) Inculcation of responsible public behavior on waste management; 3) Promotion of waste segregation at source; 4) Promotion of resource recovery from waste; 5) Promotion of waste treatment; and 6) Establishment of sound infrastructure for waste management.

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Environment Management Bill 2016

A revised version of the Act which makes provision for the protection and management of the environment and the conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources in Malawi

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Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy for National Climate Change Management Policy

An Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy developed to ensure that the National Climate Change Management Policy is fully and effectively implemented. This IMES provides an Implementation Plan which highlights the institutions responsible or implementation of activities within a specified time frame.

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Malawi National Guidelines on Integrated Catchment Management and Rural Infrastructure - Volume I

This document introduces catchment management principles: it explores the theory of catchment management in the context of Malawi and lays out the need for integrated catchment management– and why strategic catchment planning is required at all levels.

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Malawi National Guidelines on Integrated Catchment Management and Rural Infrastructure - Volume II

Volume II comprises practical activities targeted at village level. It explains village level planning processes, and how the Village Level Action Plans formed are turned into on-farm and community activities. Step-by-step technical guidance is given for a range of measures, from (for example) conservation agriculture and agroforestry, to gully rehabilitation and forest management.

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National Agriculture Policy 2016

The National Agriculture Policy (NAP) defines the vision for development of the agricultural sector in Malawi over the next five years. More specifically, this policy is a guide towards increasing production, productivity, and real farm incomes.

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National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan II 2015-2025

This National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan II is a framework for action that will guide Malawi to sustainably manage its biodiversity. The Strategy outlines the status of the biological resources in Malawi and provides strategies, targets and actions to be taken to ensure their sustainable management.

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National Climate Change Management Policy 2016

The Policy provides strategic direction for Malawi's priorities for climate change interventions and outlines an institutional framework for the application and implementation of adaptation, mitigation, technology transfer and capacity building measures.

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National Irrigation Policy 2016

The revised National Irrigation Policy (NIP 2016) provides guidance to all stakeholders in Malawi in the implementation and provision of irrigation-related goods, works and services.

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Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions for Malawi 2015

A compilation of the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions for Malawi's contribution to global GHG emission reductions and enhancement of carbon sinks.

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Malawi Government - National Forest Policy: June 2016

The goal of the National Forest Policy, 2016, is for the conservation, establishment, protection and management of trees and forests for the sustainable development of Malawi.

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Water Resources Act 2013

An Act to provide for the management, conservation, use and control of water resources; for the acquisition and regulation of rights to use water; and for matters connected therewith or incidental therto.

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A Strategy for Capacity Development for Decentralisation in Malawi

A Strategy for Capacity Building for Decentralisation in Malawi

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Agricultural Research Master Plan 1995

A five year plan to guide planning and execution of research programmes for the development of agriculture in Malawi

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Agro-Processing Policy Review 2002

A review on the national agro-processing policy

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ASWAp Comments Donor Platform Agriculture

Comments by Platform members on the draft study on ‘Formulating and Implementing Sector-wide Approaches (SWAps) in Agriculture and Rural Development’

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Brief Summary of Policies and Strategies in the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation 2002

A presentation on the policies and strategies in the agriculture sector

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