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File National Agriculture Policy 2016
The National Agriculture Policy (NAP) defines the vision for development of the agricultural sector in Malawi over the next five years. More specifically, this ...
File National Climate Change Management Policy 2016
The Policy provides strategic direction for Malawi's priorities for climate change interventions and outlines an institutional framework for the application ...
Audio YONECO Malawi Land Law Reform Radio Discussion 1
A panel discussion on the need for land law reform in the country. The discussion was built around womens experiences in customary land governance shortfalls
Audio YONECO Malawi Land Law Reform Radio Discussion 2
Alive radio discussion on the need for land law reform in the country. The discussion was built around womens experiences in customary land governance ...
Audio ZODIAK Malawi Land Law Reform Radio Discussion
A discussion on the need for land law reform in the country. The discussion was built around womens experiences in customary land governance shortfalls
Audio ZODIAK Malawi Land Law Reform Panel Discussion
A panel discussion on the existing gaps and challenges facing land administration and the need for land law reform. It also gives and overview of the various ...
File Distribution Equity in Malawi - Towards Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Natural Resources Management
An examination of a number of policy instruments with reference to how they address poverty reduction in general and use of natural resources for this ...
File Handling land- Innovative Tools for Land Governance and Secure Tenure
The book features land tools developed by the Global Land Tool Network which offer practical ways to solve problems in land administration and management. ...
File Improving Land Administration and Management in Bangladesh
The report discusses regulations on land use, transfers, acquisition and settlement, various aspects of land administration and management in Bangladesh
File Improving Land Sector Governance in Malawi - Implementation of the Land Governance Assessment Framework
This report assesses the status of Land governance in Malawi using the Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF)
File Land Administration for Sustainable Development
The book explains how land administration systems have evolved from linking cadastral land records to demonstrating their inherent power for sharing spatial ...
File Land Tenure Systems and their Impacts on Food Security and Sustainable Development in Africa
This paper develops an analytic perspective of the linkages between land tenure, food security and sustainable development in the African context
File Measuring Sustainable Development in Malawi
An analysis of the legislative framework and actual practice in Malawi in relation to the three pillars of principle 10 of the Rio Declaration. It also ...
File Policy Brief on National Land Resources Management Policy and Strategy (2000)
This policy serves as an instrument for conservation of land for agriculture and indicates land use and management measures that will help balance and regulate ...
File Securing Land and Property Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Local Institutions
A look into the various land titling systems in Africa
File Summary of Revised Environment Management Bill 2006
This brief outlines the process of revising the EMA 1996, the key changes that have been proposed including the rationale for the proposals and the next steps ...
File Tanzania Resettlement Policy Framework
This document provides overall guidance on the process of resettlement, in accordance to the Tanzanian laws, and the principles and policy objectives.
File The Effects of Rural Land Certification in Securing Land Rights - A Case of Amhra Region, Ethiopia
An analysis on the effects of rural land certification in securing land rights in Amhara region. It also looks at the status of land improvement activities ...
File Policy Brief on the National Wildlife Policy
A brief summary of the National Wildlife Policy (2000)
File 20 Years of African CSO Involvement in Climate Change Negotiations- Priorities, Strategies and Actions
An exploration of African CSO engagement in the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COPs) process
File 2011-2012 Draft National Budget Analysis on Climate Change
An analysis of the 2011/2012 draft budget with a focus on resources earmarked for implementation of activities and programs that relate to climate change, ...
File A Review of Policy and International Instruments on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management in Malawi- Towards Development of Comprehensive Policy Frameworks
A review of policy and international instruments on climate change and disaster and risk management in Malawi
File Assessment of Agricultural Sector Policies and Climate Change in Malawi
A report from the study conducted to determine the extent to which the agricultural sector policies integrate with climate related issues to influence ...
File CEPA Draft Position Paper - Towards Development of a Climate Change Policy in Malawi
This paper seeks to identify the gaps in the existing policy and legal Framework related to climate change policy
File CEPA ECRP DISCOVER Advocacy Report - Year 2 Quarter 2
ECRP DISCOVER programme advocacy quarterly report
File Climate Change Adaptation Best Practices
A compilation of selected adaptation best practices from the interventions implemented by different stakeholders in various districts declared vulnerable
File DISCOVER Narrative Report - Year 2 Quarter 2
ECRP DISCOVER quarterly narrative report
File DISCOVER Participatory Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment Report
ECRP Participatory vulnerability assessment report
File DISCOVER Start-Up Phase Report
DISCOVER Start up report
File ECRP Bulletin December 2015
A biannual bulletin which highlights key achievements, challenges and lessons learnt in ECRP
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