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File Arborvitae Volume 45 - Forest Landscape Restoration Potential and Impacts
A newsletter that has issues to do with forest landscape restoration potential and impacts
File Charcoal Factsheet
An information brief on the economic significance of charcoal production and its environmental costs
File Economic Valuation and Restoration Carbon Accrual
Assessing the net economic benefits and carbon mitigation potential of Forest Landscape Restoration
File Forest Landscape Restoration Overview
An overview of forest landscape restoration. It incorporates many diverse land uses - based on the context of the land and the needs of the community
File Impact Assessment of Chitetezo Mbaula - Improved Household Firewood Stove in Rural Malawi
A study to assess the impacts resulting from the usage of improved firewood stoves in rural Malawi
File Restoration Opportunity Assessment Methodology Briefing Note
A briefing note on the Restoration Opportunity Assessment Methodology (ROAM)
File Restoration Opportunity Assessment Methodology ROAM
A guide for interested users to identify landscapes that offer opportunities for restoration considered at a national and subnational level; and to gain ...
File Stove Camp 2012- Bringing the Benefits of Cleaner Cook stoves to More People
A report on the stove camp held in Lilongwe from March 20th to 23rd, 2012 to enhance awareness and improve understanding among stakeholders about the ...
File The Bonn Challenge and Landscape Restoration
A practical, action-orientated platform to facilitate the implementation of several existing international commitments that require restoration, including the ...
File The Bonn Challenge Phase 2
A global goal to restore 150 million hectares of degraded and deforested lands by 2020
File The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration
A publication on the advantages of joining global partnership on forest landscape restoration
File National Energy Policy for Malawi 2003
A policy to support the Energy Sector contribution to the national goals of poverty reduction, industrialization and economic growth
File The Challenge Newsletter Issue 4
A quarterly newsletter by the Millennium Challenge Account Malawi
File National Forest Landscape Restoration Strategy
The restoration strategy provides a comprehensive framework for achieving Malawi’s restoration commitment of 4.5 million hectares as well as the economic ...
File National Charcoal Strategy 2017-2027
A guided framework to address problems of increased deforestation and increased demand of household cooking fuel. The strategy is aimed at setting Malawi on a ...
File CEPA Nature's Voice - Volume 13 Issue 1
This January to June 2017 issue of the CEPA Newsletter, Nature's Voice, focuses on the Government of Malawi's National Charcoal Strategy. Other articles ...
File Towards Healthy Forests for a Better Malawi
This issue brief reflects on the impacts of deforestation in Malawi and what you can do to address the challenge. The briefs support efforts to promote ...
File Tiyeni Titenge Mbali Poteteza Nkhalango Zathu
Bukuli likufotokoza zakufunika kwa nkhalango mu dziko lathu. Komanso kupereka maganizo panjira zimene anthu tingatengepo mbali kuteteza nkhalango zathu.
File Smarter, Cleaner Cooking; Healthier Forests.
This issue brief reflects on the impacts of deforestation due to the unsustainable demand for biomass fuel in Malawi and what you can do to address the ...
File Kuphika Mwamakono Kuti Nkhalango Zathu Zitetezeke
Bukuli likufotokoza za ubale wa nkhalango ndi mphavu zamagesi ophikira ndi kutenthesera pakhomo. Likupereka maganizo panjira zimene anthu tingatengepo mbali ...
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